About Us

Nature of the Organisation and Scope of Work

MaRGG is a private, non-profit organization established for the purpose of offering consultancy services to governments, local governments, development agencies and other established institutions and co-operate bodies ,to promote and strengthen Good Governance in  international and local administration.
MaRGG is committed to promote participatory local governance to spur greater intensity and quality of social well being of the people it serves.

It provides a variety of innovative professional services to a selected number of urban local government bodies Authorities and  regional development agencies to harness their interest and capacity to use participatory strategies to improve local governance.

Objectives of the Organisation

Margg's objective is to help the United Nations International agencies, national and local governments
and other client organizations improve their governance systems, support mechanisms and processes to be  participatory, responsive, transparent, just and equitable.

MaRGG helps these authorities adopt a realistic vision for the future of their areas of governance.

MaRGG helps formulate, implement and monitor development policies to transform their localities and areas of governance.

MaRGG helps to create effective, efficient and productive workplaces and habitats.

The income and property of the Association howsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the organization as set forth in the Memorandum of association and no portion of there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise, except reasonable and proper remuneration in return for services actually rendered by the directors themselves.

No member of the Board of Directors of the Association be entitled to any salaried office of the organization or any office of the Association paid by regular monthly fees, and  no remuneration or other benefits in money or money's worth shall be given by the Association to any member of such board or governing, except proper remuneration in return of technical services actually rendered to support and promote the objectives of the Association on a case by case basis.


Sustainable development is more a governance matter than a resource issue.rudent management of limited resources is the key to sustainability. Be it a Government, a Local Authority or a Non-Governmental  Organisation, prudence is a continuum between a strategic vision and effective impact and accountability. Many Governments and organizations are considered efficient but not effective.

All these are Governance issues that can be rectified. This gap between action and impact, and the evident lack of sustainability and efficacy stem from many factors.

But, all these are rectifiable: Organisations that were once stumbling and crumbling have risen, like Phoenix, from 'the ashes many because they were ready to try out change, apply proven management tools, and take difficult decisions.

The world could not have developed, but for it's risk-taking pioneers. Development is possible without taking associated risks. Doing more of what's being done may not lead to development. The  Goverments and organizations must research for innovative ways, methods and tools, if they are to successfully face the  fierce competition of globalization.

MaRGG a partner organization of UN Habitat

A logical follow-up of the commitments made at the Habitat II City Summit held in Istanbul in 1996, and in pursuance of it’s National Programme of Sustainable Human Settlements in Sri Lanka, the Government of Sri Lanka signed a Project Document SRL/98/007 in 1999 with UNDP/UNCHS to launch a Sustainable Cities Project. It is a Modest, but influential urban capacity building effort aimed at addressing a series of complex issues particularly affecting urban governance, environment planning and management. MaRGG is a signed up National Partner Organisation of UN –HABITAT for the SCP Project. MaRGG helps a select number of urban local government authorities to harness their own interest and capacity to introduce participatory strategies and methodologies to improve their urban Governance and environment.

MaRGG'S National and International Partners

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